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Why “culinary postcards”?

The idea for “culinary postcards” emerged in 2012, when I decided to start writing about my travels, and especially about the food I discovered all around the world. Different countries, people, their heritage, culture and food, ahve always been my inspiration. To that end, my everyday meals are often reflecting the fusion of local ingredients and my inspiration that stems from ethnical cuisines I have learned on my travels.

However, life made some changes and number of travels dropped significantly but my love towards food and cooking remained. In the meanwhile, I have become richer for two kids that caused some changes to the concept of cooking and eating in the entire family. Consequently, the whole blog story got modified “a bit”. I decided to keep the name, because I am still devoted to sharing colorful recipes and interesting stories from my kitchen and from wherever I go.


Although no one in my family has any dietary reatrictions, allergies etc., in time, and mostly because of the little ones, I turned to cooking mostly vegetarian food. I personally do not eat meat, and fish only from time to time. We have also made a cut on dairy and eggs and that led me to one entirely new world of flavors in a plantbased cuisine. I am happy that I can enjoy (if not even more than before!) in various combination of ingredients and learning new types of food and their preparation – while still keeping it all seasonal and stemming to one goal: eating delicious and best quality food.

Our daily menu can is based on lots of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits, home-cooked meals with whole grains and vegetables (and addition of nuts and seeds). I use healthier types of flour, such as wholwheat spelt flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour etc., but if I must, I will use wheat flour as well when certain meal calls for it. Because, more than anything else, food is my pleasure. Also, I use better types of sufar, such as coconut sugar and xylitol, rice malt syrup and date syrup. White, “table” sugar has no place in our house…but I will not feel guilty if I have a piece of chocolate every now and then. In the end, balance is the key.

Therefore, I think we should not be obsessed with diets and labeling our eating habits, but cook our meals instead and try to make every meal delicious and balanced.


If you want to see what my pantry looks like, read this post, and for some initial cooking inspiration browse my recipe index here.

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Welcome to culinary postcards!



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