Strawberry and White Chocolate Chia Parfaits {V+GF}

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The combination of strawberries and white chocolate flavor, packed in these jars of creamy goodness, is as far as a dreamy breakfast can go.

These Strawberry and White Chocolate Chia Parfaits are filled with amazing ingredients from the bottom to top, and are

free of dairy, gluten and refined sugar.

Overnight oats, chia puddings, smoothies and blender pancakes are my daily breakfast routine. But regardless of endless flavor combos I do with them, sometimes I just need something different.

So I sat at the kitchen table another day, thinking of how I’d love to create a pretty breakfast jar. Different from those that I eat every day, somewhere in the hall, running between putting my dress on and finding apartment keys before leaving for work.


So I came up with the idea to put some of my fav foods together in a jar and add tons of fresh strawberries to it (btw, any other fresh fruit like blueberries or mango can work great in this recipe!).

 Strawberry and White Chocolate Chia Parfaits
Strawberry and White Chocolate Chia Parfaits


The base of these parfaits is a cream of millet. Cream of millet is also often made in my kitchen and I love it because it can make such a satisfying breakfast, eaten warm or cold, in so many ways. I have made it here in a white chocolate flavor because I love the combo of it with strawberries but also with coconut milk that I use in my second layer.

Second layer is not hiding anything special, just a basic chia pudding that I made with coconut milk to enhance these parfaits with richness and creaminess. Also, coconut goes wonderful both with the flavor or white chocolate and strawberries, so it’s the best choice. The third layer is simple granola with puffed amaranth and millet and some seeds.. You can use any granola you like but I would suggest to go with something simple and not overly sweet.

All together, these Strawberry and White Chocolate Chia Parfaits make a wonderfully creamy treat that is packed with unbelievably nutritious ingredients and are all dairy, gluten and refined sugar -free. And I don’t want to stop there with naming all the great things about them. 🙂 On top of this, you can prepare all of the ingredients even 2 days in advance, which will leave you only to finish these treats in less than 5 minutes when you plan to serve/eat them! Enjoy it!



author: Iva Savić, culinary postcards

serves 2 jars as pictured; breakfast/snack/dessert


White chocolate layer (bottom layer)

1 cup cooked millet*

1/2 cup full fat coconut milk

2 Tbsp cacao butter

1 Tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp lucuma powder**


Chia pudding layer (middle layer)

4 Tbsp chia seeds

1 cup full fat coconut milk


top layer

fresh strawberries

muesli or granola of choice



  1. First prepare chia pudding by mixing chia seeds with coconut milk and leaving them in the fridge for 30 minutes or best overnight (do this in advance). If you are new to chia pudding read my advice on making it in this post
  2. Prepare millet based white chocolate layer by first cooking millet as usual (do this in advance). To add white chocolate flavor to it, melt cacao butter with maple syrup over steam bath. When it completely melts, stir then add to the millet and place in a blender together with coconut milk and lucuma powder. Blend for 30 sec or until smooth.
  3. Wash, trim and slice strawberries.
  4. Prepare two jars or glasses then first arrange white chocolate layer in the bottom, add some strawberries, top it with chia pudding, and finish by sprinkling it with some muesli or granola of choice and more fresh strawberries.



*to make 1 cup of cooked millet use 1/2 cup dry millet.

**lucuma is used here to minimize added sugars. you can replace it with another Tbsp of maple syrup or another sweetener you use.


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