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When you newly visit a city after 15 years, it appears like a whole new city to you (and it probably really IS a whole new city in many ways). That is what happened to me in Budapest few weeks ago.


Since the happy occasion was my birthday (and not just any birthday), I got something special for a present – dinner in a Michelin Star restaurant! :)))

Costes is retaining it for the fourth year in a row and they really deserve it! The restaurant’s Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira (Portuguese) is serving international dishes which were a real feast for my eyes and all other senses. I hope you can feel at least a bit of that as well. That’s why I will not talk to much and instead I will leave you with the pics.

Let me just add something which might interest you: we ate a la carte but they also serve tasting menus (5 or 8 courses or vegetarian). Food was great, wines as well (all Hungarian!). Staff was professional but friendly and warm. The prices are reasonable concerning the quality of food and size of portions, as well as the fact that Chef sent few beautiful surprises to our table. What can I say but I highly recommend you to visit Costes when you find yourself in Budapest.

a first surprise – carrot shots topped with frozen ginger mousse
another surprise – cold fennel soup and celeriac mousse with caviar
…and another one – curried marshmallows coated with coconut
and macarons with squid ink, filled with goat cheese (my fav!)
my cold starter: Our Garden (seasonal vegetable plate)
and his hot starter: Guinea fowl two ways
my main: Deer with Quince, Walnuts, Chicory and Rosehip (l.o.v.e.d. i.t.)
his main: Beef with potato terrine, grilled onion and parsley oil


a farewell surprise – assortment of sweets
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